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With 2,316 serious accidents involving vans (LGV) reported in the UK throughout 2019/20, United Plant are re-emphasising the importance of safe driving to our employees.

Our national network of mobile engineers are continually driving across the country, providing a leading service to our customers. We take our obligation to protect employees, including when employees are operating company vehicles in the course of their work, extremely seriously. But, in practicable terms, road safety is a shared responsibility.

The driving environment is dynamic, with a number of factors such as road, weather, other users and traffic conditions changing frequently.

Considerations for safe driving are: 

  • Plan your journey and ensure you know and follow the rules of the road
  • Drive to the current conditions, changing your driving behaviour to suit 
  • Share information on unsafe routes or conditions with colleagues

Whilst driving, it’s important that we all place road safety as the top priority, to keep ourselves and others, out of harms’ way. Nobody wants to be a statistic.


Think Safe.  Be Safe.  No Compromise.

Customer Service

Customer Service

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