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Yesterday, we attended the ‘BE Safe Group Event’ which was organised by our parent company Briggs Equipment.

Leaders of the Briggs Group – companies owned by Briggs – were invited to attend the event, which was held at the Genting Hotel in Birmingham, as part of its national safety strategy.  The agenda ‘Safety Leadership – How can we as leaders bring the Safety-First Value to life throughout the entire Briggs Group?’ was the core focus, with senior management and key representatives from the group attending to share ideas and best practice.  With interactive workshops and breakout sessions the event aimed to inspire, challenge and align the group on a shared vision for safety. 

Says Greg Mulhearn, Managing Director “United Plant enjoys huge competitive advantage by being part of the Briggs Group, where best practice is shared and knowledge utilised.  Safety is vitally important to the HME industry that we operate within. We shared insight into the safety culture that we drive successfully throughout our business and came away with further ideas on how to take safety forward.”

“The key take-away from myself and the United Plant team is that we must continue to bring safety alive with strong safety leadership at all levels. It has also been valuable to meet the leadership teams of the other companies who form the Briggs Group.” concludes Greg.

Think Safe. Be Safe. No Compromise. 

Customer Service

Customer Service

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