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Last week we shared our SHEQ Business Update with all our United Plant employees.  Normally we would be sharing this face to face, but this has of course, not been a normal year.  Whilst 2020 has been immensely intense, we are pleased that the United Plant team has continued to embrace ‘Safety First’.

Safety continues to remain at the centre of our business. At our core is:

  • Safety First – we place the safety of our colleagues, customers, and suppliers above all else in the delivery of our services.
  • We have a ‘STOP AND THINK’ philosophy -If you can’t do a job safely, do not do the job and report the issue.
  • A ‘Safety Gain’ – any noticed opportunity for making safety improvements

At United Plant we have empowered and reminded our employees that they have the ability to: STOP – THE – JOB: intervening to prevent unsafe conditions or acts, whilst respecting fellow workers and the communities in which we work.

Our goal is always to drive up safety, so looking ahead to next year we will be delivering a number of initiatives, which includes updated policies and engineer handbooks, the creation of the United Plant Life Saving Rules and focus on clear communication.

With Christmas fast approaching please keep well, be safe and think – SAFETY FIRST!

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