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Resilience, determination and growth.  With the end of 2021 fast approaching, we reflect positively over the last twelve months.  

Our team has grown, bringing new opportunity and new talent into our business. We have spent valuable time better communicating with both our team and our customer group to share our journey and our vision – building real partnerships that add genuine value.

We are looking forward to the New Year, with exciting plans afoot – despite the ongoing gloomy news and ever-changing pandemic landscape. 

So, here at United Plant, we would like to say a huge thank you, to our customers, our employees, our supply chain and our industry partners, for their ongoing support and partnership approach throughout 2021.

From all of the team, we wish you and your family a very safe and healthy Christmas. 

United Plant. United People.

Customer Service

Customer Service

A hot topic of debate, across both our industry and wider business, is that of customer service.  “Excellent, satisfactory and downright poor levels...