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At United Plant, putting ‘safety first’, continues to be the prominent message across our business.  As a service provider, operating on a national scale, it is vital we keep safety at the top of the agenda. 

Therefore, this month, we are re-communicating strongly with our team, the significance of ‘Safety Gains’ within our business. This is simply any identified opportunity – from an employee – which could deliver a safety improvement. These gains may include:

Identifying any hazard that exists

Identifying any unsafe conditions

Highlighting an unsafe event or a near miss that has occurred

 Identifying any potential or existing issues with the way we do things

Identifying improvements that could be made in the way we do things to improve safety

Our philosophy is ‘fix before failure’. Through a ‘Safety Gain’ we can take proactive action before an incident may occur. Action can also help to protect others, as the gain often has a wider positive impact on other team members. Finally, it endorses the legal right to a safe workplace. 

Being committed to safety is an ongoing responsibility and we acknowledge the importance of engaging our employees with a ‘safety first’ mindset, so that working practices are continually evaluated and improved because “safety doesn’t happen by accident.”

United Plant. United People.

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