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Yesterday, we held an Employee Communication Meeting for our office-based employees. As a national business, with teams located across the country, this was held online, providing the benefit of no additional travel and keeping to a tight agenda. Sharing an update on business performance and growth strategy, key areas to drive progress, safety initiatives and performance, the meeting was productive and heartening.

Good communication is an essential tool in maintaining strong working relationships.  At United Plant, we invest time and energy into delivering clear lines of communication to build trust and understanding, amongst our workforce.

Five good reasons to have good communication are:

1. Team building – Building an effective team relies on how team members communicate and collaborate together. 

2. Gives everyone a voice – Well established lines of communication should enable everyone to freely communicate, boosting morale. 

3. Innovation – Where employees are enabled to openly communicate ideas, they are far more likely to bring their ideas to the table. 

4. Growth – By being joined up internally and having strong lines of communication you can ensure that the message you are delivering is consistent. 

5. Strong management – When managers are strong communicators, the delegation of tasks, motivation and relationship building are all much easier to deliver effectively. 

At United Plant we are fully committed to all the above good reasons – it’s why we strive to keep our communications flowing– so thank you team for your input!

United Plant. United People.



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