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Providing a working environment that is healthy and safe for everyone is essential. With an increase in workshop activity, over the past week, the team at our Cannock workshop have had a big drive to clean and re-organise the space – preparing the facility – for additional machines that will shortly arrive for extensive repair work. 

Says Simon Cutler, SHEQ Lead, “our emphasis this week has been on the workshop space, making sure that all areas are clean, tidy and fit for purpose. Here at United Plant, we place safety first, so we regularly check and maintain our tooling equipment, ensure that there are no obstructions on floors and traffic routes and that the area is well ventilated. Ensuring our engineers are working in a healthy and safe environment is paramount. We are also delighted to have a further £10,000 of investment secured for additional tooling and safety equipment, which will significantly enhance our service delivery within the workshop.”

With an increase in activity seen at the Cannock workshop and a strong pipeline of machines scheduled, everyone will benefit from the effort, re-organisation and investment within the workshop.

Think Safe. Be Safe. No Compromise. 

Customer Service

Customer Service

A hot topic of debate, across both our industry and wider business, is that of customer service.  “Excellent, satisfactory and downright poor levels...