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During August, we are meeting with all our engineering team across the country, to share a half year update on our business – how we are performing, what’s working well and what we need to do better.

Our first meeting kicked off last week with our National Compliance Engineering Team – pictured here.  We were really pleased that our customer group also attended, to share some valuable customer insight with the team.

Here at United Plant, we aim to provide honest and open communication, to ensure that we actively engage with the team and that each person has the opportunity to input and be part of the solution.

To finally have face to face meetings again has just been fantastic, after such a long period of this not being possible. The team learnt about our 2021 performance to date, shared their experiences and most importantly got a clear understanding of the customers perspective.

The power of communication should never be underestimated. 

United Plant. United People.

Customer Service

Customer Service

A hot topic of debate, across both our industry and wider business, is that of customer service.  “Excellent, satisfactory and downright poor levels...