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Having an embedded safety culture, is vital in our sector, as we place the safety of our colleagues, customers, and suppliers above all else in the delivery of our services.

This month we have fully embraced technology 😊 and now all ‘Safety Gains’ raised by our team, are electronic, making us more responsive and fully transparent. Over the last few months our team have raised some important safety gains. Some of these outcomes include:

A new mobile platform in our workshop to rehouse an oil pump – this reduced oil spillage and only required one person to operate the pump instead of two – great result!

Working onsite, an engineer noticed a rebar sticking out of the ground but attached to the concrete floor – both a tripping hazard and in the path of the machine when loading a hopper. The operator was asked to stop and was shown the rebar. Permission to remove the rebar was granted and the item was placed in the sites metal recycling skip – hazard prevented!

Roksana Malczewska, SHEQ Advisor at United Plant, is driving our safety standards forwards, “as specialists in the quarry and waste industry, we recognise the need for safe ways of working and keeping assets operating safely.  Our Safety Gain Process is well rooted across our team, for driving best practise and safety awareness. Through this process we can also ensure our colleagues receive the right training and support, as safety first is truly at the heart of our operation. Now our team can easily raise ‘Safety Gains’ using a laptop, tablet, or mobile device – all of which can be accessed via our safety portal website or app, with tracking and actions clearly assigned against each one.”

Think Safe. Be Safe. No Compromise.



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