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A hot topic of debate, across both our industry and wider business, is that of customer service. 

“Excellent, satisfactory and downright poor levels of service, leave a lasting impression and affect both supply chain and business relationships. 

Many believe that the UK’s levels of customer service are currently well under-par – with telecoms, energy companies and banks coming under the spotlight for providing the very worst service of all. More than ever, customers expect to be involved in open dialogue, they no longer accept one-way communication. Yet many companies struggle to grasp this shift from a transactional to a relationship economy. 

A customer service culture needs to be led from the top and its importance must be embedded throughout the business. After all, the impact on the bottom line can be significant. Business leaders have a responsibility to ensure that its employees have the skills and authority to deal with customers and this is managed in a consistent, professional manner.

Here at United Plant, we remain fully committed to delivering excellent levels of service and customer satisfaction. Our people – right through the business – have an astounding ability to manage a range of challenges, which are presented over the phone or out on-site. Whatever the challenge, our team are experienced with interpersonal skills, to get any issue resolved quickly and professionally. United Plant has always placed relationships forefront and centre. We understand that it is relationships that matter most. Therefore, building and developing strong, trustworthy relationships is an essential ingredient to being part of the United Plant team.

“Reliable, trusted, personable, honest, and problem solvers” are just some of the positive comments we have received from our customer group over the last year of service delivery. Thanks goes to all our employees, suppliers and customers who continue to support and advocate the partnership.

United Plant. United People.



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