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So, it’s finally a farewell to ‘Fit for Feb’. Guess what? We smashed it! Raising £580 for Young Lives Vs Cancer.

A huge thank you to the United Plant colleagues who joined in during the month. We had some big commitments from the team so ‘a well done for a great effort’ goes to:

  • Erin Brewster completed 60 miles on the cross trainer
  • Sam Jones finished 60 kilometres on the cross trainer
  • Marilyn Webb swam 60 lengths every Saturday and Sunday
  • Sue Mackay walked 67 miles in total
  • Lyndsey Allison managed 60 squats per day
  • Rob Morgan did a 60km run as well as 60 deadlifts, 60 bench presses, 60 squats every day!
  • Greg Mulhearn power walking a total of 60 miles on the treadmill

A big thank you also goes to our parent company, Briggs Equipment, who have also contributed to our fundraising effort. Dedication to charity work is extremely important to Briggs and its group of companies. We are proud to to support Young Lives Vs Cancer, Briggs’ charity partnership for 2022. What does the charity offer? Young Lives Vs Cancer, helps children and young people and their families find the strength to face whatever cancer throws at them, including day to day support, financial support, care and support at home, supporting schoolwork, preparing for death, campaigning for change. 😊

Thank you to everyone who has donated and supported the Fit Feb campaign to raise vital funds for a great cause.

United Plant. United People.



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