full site cover

For many plant operations, having a dedicated in-house engineer as a year-round team member can be costly and inefficient. Consequently though, running a plant without engineering support can leave operations at risk from downtime.

Expertise on hand, when you need it

One solution to effectively ‘fill the gap’ is to resource essential manpower and knowledge during the periods when specialist engineering is needed most. That might be while the plant is at its most active, or alternatively throughout the holiday or shutdown period.

This is why we choose to make our engineers available to partners on a ‘permanent allocation’ basis, to provide full site cover, across one or numerous locations. Using our services this way allows you access to skilled maintenance and repair support for as long as you wish and at a time that suits your operation’s needs.

With a specialist member of our team on-hand, and working under your direction, machines within the plant’s fleet will always be maintained for maximum performance, and any unexpected breakdowns can be addressed immediately.

Keeping an eye on costs

We understand the importance of keeping costs down, so make our cost-effective, full-site cover service available on a flexible basis. We’re transparent, so you don’t receive any unwelcome surprises, and invoice our charges per an agreed schedule of hourly rates.

“For several years now, we’ve benefited from having a skilled United Plant Services engineer working within our plant during the company’s annual shut down time. They maintain and service all the machines, including our wheeled loaders and articulated dump trucks. New parts are fitted if necessary and component parts are tested and signed off.

“It makes a tremendous difference to the functionality of the plant across the rest of the year.”