boring and welding

The requirement for repairs and maintenance within any plant environment is unavoidable, however it’s the ability to perform those services with speed, accuracy and efficiency that keeps an operation flowing.

A hard-working machine will often show signs of extensive use or a need for maintenance. Often bores become misshapen or worn, and a machine’s efficiency can reduce. That shouldn’t however indicate the end of a machine’s lifespan.

A radical improvement on traditional repair methods

At United Plant Services we want to help our partners to make their machines last and perform longer, while avoiding unexpected and costly breakdowns. This is why we offer a fully mobile line boring and rotary welding service, which is convenient, cost-effective, and can considerably extend the working ability of industrial, power generation and earth moving plant vehicles.

We can bring our equipment to any plant within the mainland UK, and deliver repairs using the skills of our highly, and specifically trained team of engineers.

What’s involved?

By welding the head of the bore, then machining it to the correct size with our WS2 line boring and rotary welding machine, our specialists can restore worn parts, and help to get plant machinery and productivity back on track, as soon as possible.

  • in line and blind hole boring – from 20mm to more than 400mm diameter
  • internal welding in blind holes – from 22mm to more than 400mm diameter
  • external welding – from 10mm to more than 400mm diameter
  • drilling – from 3mm up to 45mm diameter
  • tapping – any pitch
  • facing bosses and creating circular grooves

There are multiple advantages to using the machinery, including;

  • no transportation costs
  • low downtime costs
  • no structural or performance modifications
  • no need to resort to other machine tools or working operations
  • no additional pieces or special spare parts
  • reductions in labour costs and repair time by up to 85%